High School Students – Save Time at the College Clinic – Register at GoToCollegeFairs.com

Attention High School Students:

Before you attend the Shawnee Mission College Clinic, you are encouraged to pre-register your personal contact information at gotocollegefairs.com.  Click on the orange “register now” button, complete the information survey, then print the personalized bar code (or keep it on your smart phone) and bring it to the SM College Clinic. 

If you aren’t familiar with this service, a national company called College Fair Automation provides this data collection service which helps both students and participating colleges.

Colleges which participate in the system will have scanners on hand which allow representatives to receive data through an individual bar code that each student brings with them to the fair.  

Instead of students completing multiple information cards and spending valuable time re-writing the same information over and over again, the students can now have more quality time with the college representatives.  This also allows colleges to receive clean, readable data (accurate spelling of names, addresses, etc.).   Most importantly, the college representatives can spend more time answering questions and getting to know students. 

Students, here’s some time saving reasons to sign up through gotocollegefairs.com
1. Provide information one time through a simple, online registration page…instead of dozens of times on paper at college fairs.
2. Personal information will only be passed on to colleges that you visit at the SM College Clinic and allow your bar code to be scanned. 
3. Personal contact information is shared accurately and securely.  (No one will have to figure out your handwriting!)
4. Increase face-to-face time with college representatives.  You will have more time to ask questions and have a conversation with college representatives.
5. The service is free.
College Fair Automation has been around for a few years now and is becoming more popular each year.  College representatives are getting more used to this type of information delivery.  Not all colleges participate in this service, but we expect that a majority of schools will have scanners available and in use at the Shawnee Mission College Clinic. 
The more students who pre-register at gotocollegefairs.com and bring their bar code to the Shawnee Mission College Clinic, the more useful this system will be for everyone involved.

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